The latest version of the Canadian ADHD medication chart is available in a Canada-wide [PDF here] or Quebec [PDF here] adaption. Physicians may find the chart useful when discussing medication with patients and their families.

The charts (available in English or French) provide full colour illustrations of the medications available in Canada and list recommended doses and the delivery system involved. They show the dose titration per product monograph and CADDRA guidelines. The charts were first developed by the continuing medical education team at Laval University in Quebec City in collaboration with the organizational committee for the conference on the pharmacological treatments of ADHD in April 2007.  The most recent update of the Canada-wide version was made in September 2015. The Quebec version, which provides information on funding and coding of medications, was also updated in September 2015.

Thanks to the Laval CME team and Réseau TDAH Québec, these charts are in the public domain and available for everyone to access through the Laval University CME website, the website of Dr Annick Vincent in Quebec and now also through the CADDRA website. Laminated versions of the medication charts are included with every copy of the new Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines,  which are provided without cost to CADDRA members or can be ordered from the CADDRA office by non-members.